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Bozles Ushiwakamaru PACIFIC SAURY Stickbait

Bozles Ushiwakamaru PACIFIC SAURY Stickbait

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Explosive Topwater Action for Kingfish, Tuna, and GT

Experience the adrenaline-pumping thrill of topwater lure fishing with the Bozles Ushiwakamaru Stickbait. This versatile stickbait is designed to deliver both enticing rolls and lightning-fast strikes, perfectly mimicking the erratic movements of injured baitfish.

Premium Construction for Epic Battles

Built tough with premium hooks, this topwater lure is ready to withstand the brutal attacks of kingfish, tuna, GT, and other hard-fighting predators. Get ready for heart-pounding surface strikes and epic battles!

Recommended Hook Size

  • 180mm: Hook ST-66 #2/0
  • 200mm: Hook ST-66 #3/0

The Legend of Ushiwakamaru

The Bozles Ushiwakamaru embodies the spirit of a legendary warrior. Ushiwakamaru's agility and lightning-fast reflexes helped him overcome ferocious foes. This Diving Pencil stickbait mirrors his spirit – leaping into action with a jerk, enticing with a calm roll, and unleashing explosive strikes that draw in fierce predators.



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