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Bozles TG Tokichiro Tungsten Metal Jig

Bozles TG Tokichiro Tungsten Metal Jig

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Small Profile, Slim Body, Unpredictable Action

Precision Design for Maximum Versatility

This unique, edgy tungsten jig features flushing and spiral holes for exceptional versatility. TG Tokichiro's asymmetrical design and central balance create rapid, unpredictable movements – perfect for enticing strikes. It swiftly transitions to a horizontal position, and the tail action mimics a traditional trout spoon for steady, enticing movement.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Tungsten construction: High-density material for a compact profile and deep casts
  • Small profile, slim body: Ideal for imitating a variety of baitfish
  • Symmetrical design: Produces erratic, unpredictable movements
  • Central balance: Creates a versatile jigging action
  • Flushing and spiral holes: Added water resistance for unique motions

The Legend of Tokichiro

Fujikichiro, born into peasantry, quickly ascended the hierarchy and achieved his ambition to unify the country under HIDEYOSHI. TOKICHIRO displayed tremendous savvy in reducing complex matters to a manageable scale, subsequently guiding Japan to marine dominance and a place on the path to becoming a renowned warrior.

    Tokichiro Tungsten Jig Falling Action
    Tokichiro Tungsten Jig Jigging Action
    Tokichiro Tungsten Jig Retrieving Action



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