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Bozles TG Matsukaze Tungsten Metal Jig

Bozles TG Matsukaze Tungsten Metal Jig

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Precision and Power for Sustainable Fishing

  • Tungsten Jig: This compact tungsten jig delivers a potent combination of casting distance and environmental responsibility. Tungsten's higher density compared to lead offers a smaller, eco-friendlier profile.

  • Fast Sink: Experience the thrill of lightning-fast descent, quickly reaching your target depth for efficient and effective fishing.

  • Sustenance Focused: The TG MATSUKAZE helps you target a variety of fish species, perfect for anglers seeking a fresh, sustainable catch.

  • Super Light Jigging Mastery: Whether fishing from shore or boat, this versatile jig excels in the finesse art of super light jigging.

The Legend of Matsukaze

Legend has it, the bold black MATSUKAZE, inspired by the mighty steed of the warrior Keiji Maeda and the spirit of Ikkitousen ("one man against a thousand"), bursts through the barriers of the Blue Sea, leaving its mark with each stride. Let this legend inspire your own fishing conquests!



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