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Fish Grip Tool | Arukazik Japan - Mini Finger Towel

Fish Grip Tool | Arukazik Japan - Mini Finger Towel

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Clip-On Tackle & Hand Towel: Your Fishing Companion for Clean Catch and Release

Say goodbye to messy fingers and slippery tackle with the Clip-On Tackle & Hand Towel, your essential accessory for efficient and hygienic fishing. This lightweight towel packs a punch of convenience, keeping your hands and equipment clean throughout your day on the water.

Here's what makes it the perfect catch:

  • Effortless Cleanliness: Wipes away bait residue, fish slime, and general dirt with ease, ensuring hygienic handling of your tackle and catch.
  • Compact & Convenient: Folds neatly and clips onto your backpack, belt loop, or tackle box with a sturdy carabiner for easy access whenever needed.
  • Always Within Reach: No more rummaging through your bag – this towel stays readily available for quick cleanup, preventing unnecessary mess.
  • Quick-Drying Microfiber: Absorbent material dries rapidly, keeping your hands dry and comfortable even after handling wet fish.
  • Multi-Purpose Marvel: Use it not only for cleaning hands and tackle but also for wiping down surfaces, drying spills, or protecting your camera lens.
  • Small but Mighty: Compact size doesn't compromise performance. This towel packs enough punch to handle even the messiest catches.



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