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Ajing Jig Head | MAGBITE - Koakuma

Ajing Jig Head | MAGBITE - Koakuma

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This jig head boasts a #14 original hook with a slender shaft and micro barb, particularly tailored to capture smaller horse mackerel. The special design allows for easy hooking of small fish, previously inaccessible with traditional ajing fishing hook sizes.


  • #14 hook size
  • Micro barb


Say goodbye to the stress of "hits but doesn't stick"!

A: A large-diameter eye ensures easy and undistorted passage of lines and snaps.

B: Super-fine fluorine coating hook with micro-barb ensures reliable penetration even with minimal force.

C: This lightweight rig boasts a fat head and powerful operability that ensures it can stay in the desired hook position without tipping over, even when stationary.



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