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Daiichiseiko Egi Rack V Squid Jig Case

Daiichiseiko Egi Rack V Squid Jig Case

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Optimal Egi Storage

Space-Saving Design

The Daiichiseiko Egi Rack V revolutionizes egi (wood lure) storage with its unique triangular face-to-face compartments. This design maximizes space so you can conveniently carry more of your favorite lures. Also functions perfectly as a squid jig container!

Easy Lure Selection

The translucent case ensures effortless lure selection. Quickly identify colors and sizes without ever opening the container.


  • Size: 245 × 170 × 38 mm
  • Capacity: 10-rod storage type
  • Max Egi Size: Possible to store up to No. 4 Egi (total length of 150 mm)



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