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Light Game Lure | Arukazik Japan - Mebachoko

Light Game Lure | Arukazik Japan - Mebachoko

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With only a slight move of the rod tip, the Mebachoko will lightly dive and remain floating. It's an ideal tool for drawing in rockfish that can only be approached with selectivity - you won't be able to help but make a U-turn if you come across it! The Mebachoko will make even the most stubborn of rockfish use their mouths, a powerful trump card for part-time fishing trips.


Once your rod is in the water, simply move the tip with slight, short movements and you'll be able to snag a fish, even if you're not looking. With the exception of the initial casting, no added actions are necessary. Mebachoko emits waves that rockfish are naturally attracted to as it sways with the current. A pause of five to ten seconds (or longer) after surfacing is highly effective.

  •  Size: 55mm 
  •  Weight: 2.8g  
  •  Type: Floating  
  •  hook Size: #12 & #12



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