Tax Free Shopping Guide

Tio Fishing's Tax-Free Shopping Guide: Get Your Gear and Save

Planning a fishing adventure overseas? Get your fishing tackle at exceptional prices with Tio Fishing's tax-free shopping service! Here's how to take advantage of the savings:

Important Rules

  • Auckland Airport Pickup Only: Your tax-free order must be collected from the designated collection point at the Auckland International Airport departures area.
  • No Afterpay: Tax-free purchases cannot be made using Afterpay. Please have another payment method ready.
  • Minimum $500 NZD Order: A minimum purchase of $500 NZD is required to qualify for tax-free shopping.
  • No Returns once collected: Please make your selections carefully.
  • Order at least 5 Working Days in Advance: Please place your tax-free order a minimum of 5 working days before your flight departure to ensure timely processing. eg. If your flight is on Sunday, the order has to be placed on Monday.
  • No Additional Discounts: Other discount codes or promotions cannot be combined with tax-free shopping.
  • Collected after immigration and security: This means you cannot check them into your luggage

How to Shop Tax-Free with Tio Fishing

  1. Browse our 'Tax-Free Shopping' section: Find the perfect gear with clear tax-free pricing.
  2. Meet the $500 NZD minimum: Add eligible items to your cart until the pre-tax total reaches $500 NZD.
  3. Place your order: Proceed to checkout.
  4. Important: Provide your flight details (full name, flight number, passport number, departure date "year/month/day") in the "Order Special Instructions" box at checkout.
  5. Place your order at least 5 working days before departure.
  6. Pick up at Auckland Airport: Collect your order from the designated collection point (map/photo provided below) in the International departures area. Bring your order confirmation, passport, and boarding pass.
  7. Delivery: It is Free Shipping to the airport.
  8. Collect at the Airport: Before your departure flight, pick up your tax-free fishing tackle from the designated Auckland Airport Collection Point with the copy of order confirmation, passport, and boarding pass ready.

Additional Notes

  • GST Savings: New Zealand's Goods and Services Tax (GST) is 15%. Tax-free shopping means you won't pay this tax!
  • Luggage Size: Each airline has different carry-on size rules. Please always check your airline's allowance before buying.
  • Collection Point at Departure: Please check the official website for opening hours and more information.
  • Surcharges: A surcharge applies to tax-free purchases from the Auckland Airport. This surcharge is already included in the advertised tax-free price on our website.
Photo of collection point
Map of collection point

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What kinds of products can I buy tax-free?

    Most of Tio Fishing's gear is eligible for tax-free purchase. There are a few exceptions, such as very large items (like oversized rods) that won't fit in cabin baggage or items containing certain batteries, hooks, or other sharp components. You'll see a clear tax-free price on any eligible product page. If you're unsure about a specific item, just email us at

    How do I pick up my tax-free order?

    Head to the designated Auckland Airport Collection Point in the International terminal departures area. Bring your passport and boarding pass to claim your items. Be sure to give yourself enough time before your flight!

    What if I need to cancel or change my order after it's at the airport?

    To avoid hassle, don't pick up any items you plan to return. Instead, contact us at, and we'll arrange the return and refund. Once, it is approved we will start the refund process. Please click and read here for refund policies.

    Can I exchange a tax-free purchase at a Tio Fishing store?

    Unfortunately, we cannot offer exchanges for tax-free purchases once the items have been sent to the Auckland Airport Collection Point. This is due to customs regulations. If you need a different product, please contact us at before your items are dispatched to arrange a cancellation and place a new order.

    How far in advance do I need to place my tax-free order?

    Please give us at least 5 working days notice before your flight departs. Feel free to place tax-free orders up to 60 days ahead of time.

    Can I buy something at the store and get the tax back at the airport?

    Sorry, New Zealand doesn't have this kind of tax refund system.

    Are there extra fees for the Collection Point service?

    Tio Fishing applies a surcharge to tax-free orders, but don't worry – it's already included in the tax free price you see on the website.

    What if I forget to pick up my order?

    Don't panic! Contact us at We'll get your gear back from the airport and refund with the store refund and return policies.

    Can I use financing options for tax-free purchases?

    Unfortunately, financing options like Afterpay cannot be used for tax-free shopping.

    More questions?

    We're here to help! Email us at, and we'll get you sorted.


    Have a good trip

    - Tio Fishing