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Ajing Jighead | MAGBITE - Aji Killer

Ajing Jighead | MAGBITE - Aji Killer

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A multi-purpose head with two distinct movement modes - "straight" and "dart" - which produces a sharp, frog-like "pop" sound when jerked. Utilizing a Fluorine coating for enhanced durability, Aji Killer Jig Head's cut surface collects water for precise control and manipulation of its ribs.

Concept Standard Wire Model (#10 | FAST)

  • Short shank design maximizes worm movement.
  • Upward-facing hook is easy to inhale and difficult to spit out, and locks the hook point around the fish's mouth the moment it bites, creating a state where hooking can be done immediately.
  • This has made it possible to achieve outstanding penetration even when the bite is slow or when using relatively light ester tackle.

Concept Strong Wire Model (#8 | THROUGH)

  • Short shank design maximizes worm movement.
  • Slightly inward-facing linear design focuses on "hooking," reducing the loss of hook point power when hooking and providing a solid "bang" of penetrating hooking.
  • The hook point is also less likely to come into contact with obstacles, making it possible to tackle even areas near structures that are difficult to attack with open gape hooks.

Overall, the Concept Standard Wire Model is designed for versatility and ease of use, while the Concept Strong Wire Model is designed for maximum penetration and hooking power.



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