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Master NZ Squid Fishing: Best Jig Selection


Selecting the right squid jig is crucial for successful land-based squid fishing. Understanding a few key factors will significantly increase your chances of a good catch. Size, sink rate, color, and even rattle sound all influence how squid perceive and react to your jig. Let's dive into the details of choosing the perfect squid jig for your next fishing adventure!

Jig Size

Choose your jig size based on the size of the squid you're targeting and the conditions.

  • Smaller Jigs (sizes 1.4 - 2): Great for mimicking smaller baitfish and versatile for most conditions.
  • Mid Size Jigs (size 2.5 - 3): Excellent for starting to search squids in a new field.
  • Larger Jigs (size 3.5 and larger): Ideal for targeting big squid, fishing in deep water, or when dealing with strong currents.

    Sink Rate

    The sink rate of your jig determines how quickly it reaches your desired depth.

    • Slow Sink Rate: Opt for these in shallower water or when squid seem less aggressive.
    • Fast Sink Rate: Perfect for deeper water or areas with strong currents to get into the strike zone efficiently.


      Color selection depends heavily on water conditions and time of day.

      • Natural Colors: Browns, greens, and silvers excel in clear water or on sunny days.
      • Bright Colors: Pink or orange are great attractors in murky water or low-light situations like dawn, dusk, or night.
      • Glow-in-the-Dark: Consider these for extra attraction in low-light conditions.
      • UV Coating: Most of the time the UV coated squid jigs are productive than standard jigs. However, consider to not use them when squid fishing in sunny and clear water condition.

      Rattle Sound

      Some squid jigs incorporate rattles or other sound-producing features.

      • The Benefit of Rattles: These can provide added attraction, especially in murky water or when squid are particularly active. Experiment to see if jigs with rattles produce better results in your fishing area. [below photo from Little Jack official website]


        Choosing the right squid jig isn't a matter of luck; it's a strategic decision. Consider the size of your target squid, water depth and clarity, time of day, and whether a rattle might be beneficial. Experiment with different combinations to find what works best in your local waters. With a bit of knowledge and practice, you'll be well on your way to becoming a land-based squid fishing expert!

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