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Bozles Yukimura Zinc Slow Pitch Metal Jig

Bozles Yukimura Zinc Slow Pitch Metal Jig

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A Zinc Slow Pitch Jig for Sustainable Anglers

Designed for slow pitch jigging with a unique, large profile, the YUKIMURA delivers a captivating presentation. Its balanced slippage and circular fall creates a wide, fluttering descent that's irresistible to your target species. Made from environmentally-conscious zinc, this jig empowers you to practice sustainable fishing without sacrificing performance.

Key Features:

  • Unique Angle Design: Gradual, deep drop-off for enticing slow pitch action.
  • Balanced Slippage: Decreases friction, creating a natural presentation.
  • Circular Fall: Produces a wide, fluttering descent pattern for maximum appeal.

The Legend of Yukimura

Following the unification of Japan under Hideyoshi, a new period of conflict began to emerge. Ieyasu viewed the powerful general and their causes' staunchly defended sense of justice and skillful tactics as one of Japan's greatest warriors. Taking up the role of hero, the six-pence sail was hoisted and "Yukimura" set out to challenge the wily ruler. Courage and determination drove them forward, knowing that the only path to victory was to face them head-on.

    Yukimura Slow Pitch Jig Jigging Action
    Yukimura Slow Pitch Jig Falling Action



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