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Ajing Soft Bait | Arukazik Japan - Umigera

Ajing Soft Bait | Arukazik Japan - Umigera

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Umigera's mysterious power covers a range of microbait patterns. Its bite-sized design is suitable for many fishing techniques. Composed of a special, tough, and flexible resin, it won't slip off the hook. Boasting a center slit line for easy stabs, it is also compatible with jig heads and floats. Try it for a captivating angling experience!


Number Color Description
02 Keimura Clear A clear body with Keimura paint mixed in. A proven color for the morning and evening twilight, with a different texture than Clear Lame.
03 Keimura Blue A clear blue body with Keimura paint mixed in and silver lame scattered on it. A popular color for baitfish patterns such as sardines.
08 White Glow An original glow color with the amount of light adjusted. When storing light, it is a popular basic color as a silhouette color close to white.
11 Noctiluca A micro-light color with particles of glow flake scattered on a clear body. It appeals to its presence with a glow like the Milky Way shining in the night sky.
13 Yomogi (Night) Watermelon with blue lame scattered on it. A color used by core anglers that imitates seaweeds such as wakarekara and shrimp that live on seaweeds.



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