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Little Jack Onliest Fish and Squid Jig

Little Jack Onliest Fish and Squid Jig

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Little Jack Onliest Squid Jig – Outsmart Squid with Natural Realism

Irresistible Design for Maximum Catches

  • Realistic Shrimp Form: Deceptively lifelike profile mimics the movements and appearance of a squid's favorite prey.
  • Advanced Surface Finish: A blend of soft, lightweight layer, a semi-transparent reflector, and a touch of lame coating produces a realistic shimmer and irresistible texture.
  • Proven BKK Hook: Razor-sharp, reliable hook securely latches onto curious squid.

Optimized for Any Squid Adventure

  • Versatile Targeting: Entices both squid and hungry fish, expanding your catch potential to cold season snappers and arrow squids
  • Perfect Sizes and Sink Rates: Choose from 3.0 (10.5g/11.2g, sink rate ~3.5sec/m) or 3.5 (17.0g/17.9g, sink rate ~3.2sec/m ) options to match depth and conditions.

Experience the Little Jack Onliest Difference

  • Eging Experts: Perfect for the dedicated squid angler looking for a premium eging jig.
  • Elevated Squidding in New Zealand: Unlock more catches by appealing to a squid's predatory instincts.



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