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Ajing Jig Head | Arukazik Japan - Head Jack Upper Nano

Ajing Jig Head | Arukazik Japan - Head Jack Upper Nano

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Head Jack Upper Nano is a premium jig head specifically designed for smaller horse mackerels. Its superior hook-to-shank ratio ensures consistent easy bites. The "Nano Smooth Coat" coating developed by Gamakatsusha Co., Ltd. further increases the jig's effectiveness, as it reduces friction and enhances sticking power. In addition, this product is suitable for light game fishing of small fish such as kissers and gobies, with a size of up to 20cm.
The hook shape of the Jack Upper Nano is modeled after that of the horse mackerel hook, featuring a modified hook point for increased hold in the fish's upper jaw. Its long shank and super fine wire give it an extended distance from hook point to the eye to enable easy hooking even on weak bites. It is available in various hook sizes and weights, specifically tailored for small horse mackerel.



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