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Ajing Jig Head | Arukazik Japan - Head Jack Upper HW

Ajing Jig Head | Arukazik Japan - Head Jack Upper HW

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This "Jack Upper" is designed with thinness and strength in mind, utilizing wire of a diameter derived from the greatest common divisor. It comes in 2.0g, 2.5g, and 3.5g weights which have been tested and proven in the field. Its purpose is to capture large horse mackerel, responding only to vertical movements near the bottom of rapids with its selective pattern, and sharp hooking performance for fish like rockfish. It is excellent for light games when targeting bites.

Jack Upper HW features the sharp hooking performance of the Jack Upper, with a hook shape based on a horse mackerel hook. This hook is twisted at the point to maximize the chances of hooking into the upper jaw of a horse mackerel, while its center-balanced round head offers stability to help prevent you from losing your posture. A variety of hook sizes and weights have been made available to accommodate larger horse mackerel.



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