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Little Jack Amezaiku JP Yumizuno Light Lure

Little Jack Amezaiku JP Yumizuno Light Lure

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AMEZAIKU JP can be used as a trailer or as a single lure. Its curved body displays microbait patterns with real form and action, enhanced by features like color, hologram, and eyeballs. Its high-strength polycarbonate resin body is fitted with a strong, penetrating wire and a multipurpose eye for various hook settings. The hook is made by BKK and is movable, offering versatile options like exchange and size change. The twitching action generates a realistic small fish action, making it effective in light games and mountain streams.
  • 3 sizes with wired through solid bod to increase rig strength
  • Belly and tail hook eyes used with
  • Trustable BKK single inline hook



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