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Ajing Soft Bait Pack

Ajing Soft Bait Pack

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The Ultimate Ajing Starter Pack with 11 Items

Everything You Need for Ajing Success

Get ready to experience the thrill of Ajing fishing with this comprehensive starter pack! Designed for both beginners and seasoned anglers, this pack includes the essential tools to target a variety of light game fish species.

What's Inside:

  • Jighead Container: A convenient container to store and organize your Ajing jigheads.
  • Ajing Jigheads: An assortment of high-quality Ajing jigheads in various weights and colors (randomly selected).
  • Ajing Softbaits: A selection of proven Ajing soft bait designs and colors (randomly selected) to entice finicky fish.
  • Fish Grab: Safely and easily handle your catch with this handy fish grab tool.
  • Hook Remover: Quickly and effortlessly remove hooks from your catch

    Get Hooked on Ajing!

    Whether you're new to Ajing or want to expand your finesse fishing arsenal, this pack will take your light game fishing to the next level.

    Note: Colors of each item will be randomly selected for a fun surprise!

    Item List

    Soft Bait

    2 x Fish Arrow Flash-J Slim 1.5" SW

    1 x  MAGBITE Booty Shake 2"

    1 x Arukazik Japan Umigetra


    1 x Arukazik Japan Head Jack Upper Nano 0.6g

    1 x Arukazik Japan Head Jack Upper 0.8g

    1 x MAGBITE Ajing Killer 1.5g


    1 x Daiichiseiko MC #138S Container

    1 x Daiichiseiko Weight Flag

    1 x Daiichiseiko Hook Remover

    1 x Arukazik Japan Fish Grab






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