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Little Jack Sayoris Z 133 Stickbait

Little Jack Sayoris Z 133 Stickbait

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The Ultimate Needlefish Imitation Lure

Imitation Born From Experience

The Sayoris-Z is meticulously crafted to mimic the needlefish, a favorite prey of many predatory game fish. Its design is the result of countless hours on the water, ensuring it perfectly replicates the form, weight balance, and shape of its real-life counterpart.

Realistic Action, Unmatched Strength

  • Natural Rolling Action: The Sayoris-Z seduces fish with an irresistible rolling motion that makes them think they're seeing a real, injured needlefish
  • Solid ABS Resin Construction: The solid resin body eliminates hollow spaces, making the lure incredibly strong and preventing snags.
  • Through-Wire Design: A single wire of the lure for maximum durability.

Precision Engineering for Performance

  • Incredible Casting Distance: Eliminating the hollow body and incorporating high-quality molding technology allows the Sayoris-Z to fly like a metal jig, reaching up to an incredible 75 meters.
  • Subtle and Effective: The roll-based action creates a subtle "flash" in the water, attracting fish from both light and dark areas.
  • Versatile Action: Raise your rod for surface action, or jerk and twitch for a faster, more aggressive retrieve to target those top-layer predators.
  • Easier Hooksets: Unlike metal jigs, hooksets are a breeze with the Sayoris-Z.

Beyond Borders

The sinking pencil design of the Sayoris-Z has proven irresistible to tuna, kingfish, and other large game fish worldwide.


  • Weight: 29g
  • Length: 133mm
  • Casting Distance: 75m



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