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Tailwalk Speaky 3000HGX Spinning Reel

Tailwalk Speaky 3000HGX Spinning Reel

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Tailwalk's first compact spinning reel has been exhaustively tested, and the results demonstrate high durability and smooth operation. Even when used in saltwater, the reel's performance is reliable and long-lasting.


Gear Ratio Weight (g) Max Drag (kg) PE Line Capacity (PE#-m) Bearings Retrieve (cm/rev)
2000HGX 5.2:1 210 7 0.6-400m 0.8-330m 1-260m 1.2-210m 1.5-170m 2-130m 6+1 68
2500HGX 5.2:1 220 7 0.8-450m 1-360m 1.2-300m 1.5-240m 2-180m 6+1 73
3000HGX 5.2:1 255 9 0.8-600m 1-480m 1.2-400m 1.5-300m 2-240m 3-160m 6+1 78
3500HGX 5.2:1 270 9 1-560m 1.2-480m 1.5-380m 2-280m 3-190m 4-140m 6+1 82




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