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Fish Arrow Flash J Saber 11" SW Deep Water Soft Bait

Fish Arrow Flash J Saber 11" SW Deep Water Soft Bait

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The Flash-J Saber: Your Secret Weapon for Elusive Blue-Runners

Crafted with the expertise of seasoned captains, the world-renowned Flash-J Saber conquers fish that ignore traditional long jigs. Its shapely, soft design and full-face aluminum foil insert mimic the lifelike texture of baitfish.

Kingfish Candy

The Flash-J Saber SW is a frost fish, hairtail-inspired lure that kingfish find irresistible.

Key Features

  • Realistic baitfish imitation: Full-face aluminum foil insert for maximum allure.
  • Catch the toughest fish: Proven design draws in even the most stubborn blue-runners.
  • Expertly Designed: Based on the knowledge and experience of professional captains.

Our Softbait Fishing Collection

 Suggested Thread Method:

Thread 11" Saber


Left: Mid Water Rig;

Right: Bottom Fishing Rig

11" Saber Rigs



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