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Slow Pitch Jig | MAGBITE - SCOOP!

Slow Pitch Jig | MAGBITE - SCOOP!

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This jig is designed specifically for asymmetrical cutlass fish, featuring a cup-shaped surface and a flat area. Slow pitch jigging makes it easier to land fish, as the jig's design is intended to minimize movement. The cup surface creates a fluttery action during descent, while the flat surface mimics a gentle slide underwater. Both unpredictable movements correspond to various fishing scenarios.


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The SCOOP formulation features an asymmetric cup design and a flat bottom. When dropping, the cup falls so that it produces a fluttering motion, while the flat side offers a gliding action. As it descends, the lure's movement alternates between these two motions, making it an effective choice for a wide range of scenarios. Additionally, the SCOOP has been designed for easy, slow pitch jigging, allowing for successful hooks of fish.




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