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CB ONE Ozma HW Stickbait Chrome Silver

CB ONE Ozma HW Stickbait Chrome Silver

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Maximally reinforced plug for tuna, bonito, and other predators searching for prey near the surface. Glides away in a horizontal movement on impact, with a slim and low-resistance shape allowing for long distance travel. ABS resin body and sharp wire can survive strenuous fights. Excellent for when fish swarm thick bait concentrations.

  • Forward fall action on horizontal plane proven effective in trials.
  • Powerful appeal of ideal sinking, wide rolling.
  • Flat body design reflects light for enhanced flash.
  • Convert sinking force to nonstop action below surface.


  • Drop bait to target depth, allowing it to free fall horizontally with tension.
  • Slow retrieve can be used with a slow swing of tail.
  • After a hard bite, reel in while chasing the fish towards the hook.
  • Suggested ring size #7; hook size #3/0
  • The hooks in the pic is NOT included 



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