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Little Jack Metal Adict Type Zero Blade Metal Jig

Little Jack Metal Adict Type Zero Blade Metal Jig

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Metal Adict Type Zero: The Ultimate in Design 

Key Features

  • Realistic Sardine Profile: Mimics a key forage baitfish for a wide range of predators.
  • Center-Balanced Design: Horizontal falling action for attracting strikes, plus sharp, lifelike swimming action on the retrieve.
  • BKK Tuning Blade: Enhances flash and vibration without excess water resistance.
  • Twin Assist Hooks: Increases hookup rates for aggressive strikes.

Ideal Applications

  • Metal Jigging: Perfect for standard vertical jigging presentations.
  • Blade Jigging: Excels when hopped and retrieved near the bottom.
  • Super Light Jigging: Ideal for targeting all species or in finesse conditions.
  • Shore Jigging: Long casts and realistic action make it a shore angler's favorite.

Target The Sardine Run

  • Sardine Season: Designed to perfectly match the size and profile of sardines.
  • Frenzied Feeding: Triggers aggressive strikes during the peak sardine season.
Let the Metal Adict Type Zero transform your fishing results!



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