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Little Jack Metal Adict Type 07 Yumizuno Metal Jig

Little Jack Metal Adict Type 07 Yumizuno Metal Jig

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Innovative Design, Powerful Performance

  • Curved Body for Enticing Action: Specifically crafted to generate a powerful rolling action with minimal effort, creating alluring flash and rotation.
  • Versatile Weight Range: Available in 20g to 60g weights, perfect for shore jigging applications.
  • Dual Action Eyes: The Action Eye maximizes rolling movement, while the Rear Eye puts focus on feeding behavior for optimal hooksets.
  • Ball Bearing Swivel & Large Split Ring: Prevents line trouble and ensures secure connections, even when battling big catches.

Best kahawai lure

  • The ultimate Kahawai lure: Its profile, flash, and action perfectly imitate the baitfish Kahawai love to target.
  • Kingfish and Tuna Ready: The 60g size packs the power to attract and handle kingfish and tuna

    Japanese Tradition Meets Innovation

    • Yumizuno Style: Embraces the classic Japanese lure design for proven effectiveness.
    • BKK Belly Hook: Rigged with a high-quality BKK hook for sure hookups.

    Ideal Applications

    • Anchovy Season: Perfect profile and action to capitalize on anchovy feeding frenzies.
    • Super Light Jigging: Lighter weights are ideal for finesse tactics and smaller species.
    • Shore Jigging: Designed to excel in shore-based casting scenarios.



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