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Arukazik Japan Mebachoko Light Game Lure

Arukazik Japan Mebachoko Light Game Lure

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The Mebachoko: Effortless Rockfish Allure

A Mini Stickbait with Maximum Impact

With just subtle movements of the rod tip, the Mebachoko, a mini stickbait, lightly dives then remains afloat. It's an ideal tool for selectively targeting those stubborn rockfish. This lure is a powerful weapon for those quick, part-time fishing adventures.

Simple Technique, Enticing Results

Effortless fishing is the Mebachoko's specialty. Simply cast, use short, subtle rod tip movements, and let this small stickbait do the rest. No complex actions are needed – its natural swaying motion in the current emits irresistible vibrations that rockfish can't ignore. An extended pause of 5-10 seconds after surfacing is highly effective.


  • Size: 55mm
  • Weight: 2.8g  
  • Type: Floating  
  • hook Size: #12 & #12



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