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Daiichiseiko Knot Assist

Daiichiseiko Knot Assist

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Compact type is suitable for any environment. Create an S-shape with the leader line wound around the straightened PE line for a dependable FG Knot ready to be set on the rod.

Easily and securely tie lines quickly with two hands using Daiichiseiko's Line Tool. The weight of the PE line causes it to stretch straight when wound several times. Weave the leader line in an S shape with the PE line 10 to 15 times, then temporarily fix the PE line with half hitches. At least 10 half hitches are required when interweaving the leader and PE line. Secure with a final knot.

  1. Remove the line from the carabiner and wrap the PE line around it a few times in the direction of the arrow. The weight of the PE line will cause it to tighten. (Leave about 3 cm of the end line) *To remove it, rewind it in the opposite direction of the arrow.
  2. Cross the leader line over the PE line at right angles and weave it into an S-shape from the top of the crossed section.
  3. Weave the leader end line into an S-shape below the crossed section. After weaving, pull the leader end line straight to the left to create a nice weave.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 10-15 times, then tie the PE line and the leader end line together.
  5. Wrap the PE end line around the PE main line and leader end line once, and secure it with a half-hitch.
  6. Tightly tighten the two bundled PE main lines, the leader end line, and the PE end line. Pull the PE end line towards the leader main line.
  7. Remove the knot assist from the PE end line and attach it to the leader main line.
  8. Make 10 or more half-hitches alternately with the two bundled PE main lines and the leader end line.
  9. Tightly tighten the PE main line and the leader main line.
  10. Trim the excess line.



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