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MAGBITE Iwashi Maki Special Blade Metal Jig

MAGBITE Iwashi Maki Special Blade Metal Jig

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Makisupe Iwashi Jig Maki Special: Your Blade Jigging Weapon

Features that Set it Apart

  • "Scale Body" Design: The Makisupe's realistic scale pattern reflects light brilliantly, mimicking the appearance of a fleeing baitfish and triggering aggressive strikes.
  • Indiana Blade: This blade shape produces a unique flash and vibration profile that drives fish wild, drawing them in from a distance.
  • Optimized for Wrapping: The jig's shape and hook placement make it easy to wrap with bait-mimicking materials, further enhancing its natural appeal.
  • User-Friendly: Whether you're a seasoned blade jigging pro or trying the technique for the first time, the Makisupe is designed for success and ease of use.

Benefits for Anglers

  • Increased Strikes: The combination of realistic appearance, enticing action, and ease of customization means more fish attracted to your jig.
  • Versatility: Target a wide range of species in various water conditions with the Makisupe's adaptable design.
  • Confidence Booster: This jig's proven fish-catching ability will give you the confidence to execute the blade jigging technique effectively.



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