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Hibiki Xicara 200 Titanium Popper

Hibiki Xicara 200 Titanium Popper

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The Xicara 200: A Masterpiece of Titanium

Unsurpassed Strength and Corrosion Resistance

Crafted from high-strength titanium and honed with Megatech precision, the Xicara 200 exudes supreme durability. Its corrosion-resistant nature makes it an enduring choice for combating the harsh saltwater environment.

Effortless Action, Enticing Design

The Xicara 200's cup-shaped design, meticulously formed with a compound radius, ensures an appealing entry into the water. Anglers can achieve effortless manipulation, creating a captivating display for their targets.

Irresistible to Predators

This lure's stimulating popping action, combined with its long-stroke-induced popping sound and bubbly flight path, masterfully awakens the predatory instincts of your target fish.

Built for Distance

Despite its formidable 125g weight (mirroring the Lapis 210), the Xicara 200 is engineered to soar through the air. When paired with a PE8 or above tackle, you'll achieve impressive cast distances.


    • Weight: 125g
    • Length: 200mm
    • Action: Floating
    • Recommended Split Ring: #8-10
    • Recommended Hook: Single or Butterfly Twin Hooks #4/0 or equivalent
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hibiki xicara titanium lure side view
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