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Light Game Lure | MAGBITE - Gracy

Light Game Lure | MAGBITE - Gracy

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This lure is designed with a soft, intricately detailed center of gravity. On a slow retrieve, the lure will sink with a subtle pencil-like action that moves barely below the water's surface; when retrieved at a quicker speed, the offer a wobbling action that dives at a sharp angle. When using the SF or SS type, the lure maintains a calm position without any up-and-down movements enticing bites without suspicion from nearby gamefish. (*Suggested retrieval depth: 30cm with the rod upright; 50-80cm with the rod laid down.)




Its action is gently concentrated around its center of gravity. On slow retrieval, it has an enticing, dropping pencil behaviour just beneath the surface, and when retrieved fast, produces a wobbling action that dives quickly and vibrates at an exact frequency. (*Holding the rod upright, draw it within ~30 cm of the water surface, and keeping it parallel to the water when retrieving, draw it from 50 to 80 cm). The static pause that preserves its position without shifting upwards or downwards does not scare away the fish, instead drawing them in.


  •  Size: 38mm
  • Weight: SS (slow sinking) 2.8g; SF (slow floating) 2.5g



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