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Daiichiseiko MC Custom Gar Grip

Daiichiseiko MC Custom Gar Grip

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Gar Grip MC Custom: Elevate Your Aji and Light Game Fishing in New Zealand

Essential Tool for the Finesse Angler

The Gar Grip MC Custom is a must-have tool for avid ajing and light game enthusiasts in New Zealand. This specialized fish gripper is designed to handle the delicate nature of smaller target species common in New Zealand's coastal waters.


  • Durable, Saltwater-Ready Construction: Fish Grip Daiichiseiko's Gargrip MC Custom facilitates saltwater fishing with a 55% GFRP construction, providing anglers with safe, secure catches of every species, from horse mackerel to rockfish.
  • Convenient Design: Features a built-in hanger with rounded corners that smoothly fits various belt widths and stays put.
  • Secure Grip: The grip opens automatically when you retrieve it and reliably holds fish of various sizes in a way that reduces harm.
  • Safety Feature: A safety rope prevents accidental loss when battling feisty fish.

Product Specs

- Dimensions: 235 × 58 × 16 mm Weight: 120 g

-  Holster - Dimensions: 237 × 43 × 35 mm - Weight: 70 g



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