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Little Jack Forma Heads Stickbait

Little Jack Forma Heads Stickbait

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The Ultimate Sinking Pencil Lure

Precision Control for Demanding Anglers

The Forma HEADS sinking pencil is engineered for anglers who demand absolute control and versatility. Its wire-through design ensures maximum strength when battling large game fish like kingfish.

Responsive and Adaptable Action

  • Flat Head, Reliable Performance: The flat head design maximizes water resistance, producing stable swimming action and powerful jerks for enticing strikes.
  • Shore, Offshore, Rock Shore: The Forma HEADS excels in multiple environments with its skipping capabilities, making it a true all-rounder.
  • Natural Fall Action: The inverted triangle body creates a realistic horizontal fall, irresistible to predators during retrieves, jerks, and pauses.

Built for the Challenge

  • Wire-Through Construction: Withstand the fight of powerful fish with confidence.
  • Large Hook Ready: Equip the Forma HEADS with the hooks you need to target those trophy catches.


  • Size: 105MM
  • Weight: 52G




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