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Transcendence DWARVE-XX Light Game & Stream Rod

Transcendence DWARVE-XX Light Game & Stream Rod

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Unmatched Versatility for Stream Fishing

The Transcendence Dwarve-XX is the ultimate stream fishing tool, designed to conquer the diverse challenges of Japan's captivating mountain streams. With an incredible 14 variable configurations, this rod empowers you to adapt to any fishing scenario.

Extreme Adaptability

  • Upstream, Headwater, and Beyond: Effortlessly adjust the Dwarve-XX for optimal performance in upstream, headwater, or other specialized stream conditions.
  • Bait and Spinning Mastery: Seamlessly transition between baitcasting and spinning techniques, ensuring you have the right tool for every situation.
  • Specialized Reel Seat: The unique wooden reel seat is optimized for both spinning and baitcasting reels, with a comfortable triggerless design ideal for smaller baitcasting setups.
  • Customizable Balance: Fine-tune your rod's length and balance with the adjustable grip-end screw, creating the perfect setup for your fishing style.

Crafted for the Discerning Angler

  • Japanese Stream Expertise: Drawing upon deep knowledge of keiryu fishing, the Dwarve-XX delivers precision and finesse where it matters most.
  • Premium Components: High-quality materials and construction ensure this rod's longevity in demanding environments.
  • Hybrid Tip Technology: The solid carbon and tubular hybrid tip provides exceptional sensitivity for lightweight spinning lures and unerring baitcasting accuracy.

Transform Your Stream Fishing with the Transcendence Dwarve-XX

Experience the pinnacle of stream fishing versatility, precision, and adaptability. Whether you're exploring remote headwaters or targeting wary fish in challenging currents, the Dwarve-XX will elevate your angling experience.



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