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Light Game Metal Jig | MAGBITE - Chirimen

Light Game Metal Jig | MAGBITE - Chirimen

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This light game jig is well-suited to angling for various types of fish, as its tail blade rotates and glistens with even the slowest retrieves. Its small horse mackerel body hook is renowned for its efficacy when fishing for horse mackerel and rockfish. The shining needle and delicate flasher help to classify this jig as perfect for light game, ajing, and as an added bonus, its glittering features stimulate the predatory nature of fish.
  • Slow retrieval allows for rangekeeping and increased drag resistance, attracting fish.
  • The fluttering and gradual fall of the Chirimen is a perfect time for bites.
  • Included is a small hook designed specifically for horse mackerel and rockfish, designed to stimulate predatory instinct with its glitter and small size.



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