Osaka Fishing Show 2023

The Osaka Fishing Show, (04-05/Feb/2023),one of the largest fishing trade shows in Asia, has just concluded its latest edition with great success. The show, which took place at the Intex Osaka exhibition center in Japan, featured the latest fishing equipment and accessories from multiple exhibitors from Japan

The show was a hit among fishing enthusiasts, with thousands of visitors from across Japan and other countries in attendance. They were able to see the latest fishing gear and technology, as well as attend seminars and workshops on various fishing-related topics.

Some of the highlights of the show included the latest fishing rods, reels, and lures, as well as a wide range of fishing boats and other fishing related products. There were also demonstrations of the latest fishing techniques and methods, as well as a special exhibit on sustainable fishing practices.

Overall, the Osaka Fishing Show was a great success, providing a platform for industry professionals and enthusiasts to come together and share their passion for fishing. The next edition of the show is already being planned and expected to be even bigger.

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