Sheer Water Skiff: Kayak Fishing Redefined

Sheer Water Skiff: Kayak Fishing Redefined


Embark on a new era of kayak fishing in New Zealand with the Sheer Water Skiff 460UL – a meticulously designed watercraft that seamlessly combines the best features of modern composite fishing boats with the agility and versatility craved by kayak enthusiasts. Tailored for both fresh and saltwater pursuits, this skiff promises an unparalleled experience for kayak anglers eager to explore the diverse waterways of New Zealand.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Why a Skiff for Kayakers?
  • Not Your Typical Kayak
  • Versatility Beyond Kayak Fishing
  • Equipped for Expansion
  • Maximizing Your Fishing Time
  • Conclusion

Why a Skiff for Kayakers?

The Sheer Water Skiff redefines the kayak fishing experience, offering the benefits of motorised vessels in a compact and cost-effective package. Its smaller size grants kayakers’ access to unconventional launching spots, unlocking new dimensions for angling exploration. Easy towing and no need for an expensive 4WD make the Sheer Water Skiff an accessible and enjoyable choice for passionate fishing enthusiasts.

Sheer Water Skiff vessel is cruising on the lake.

Not Your Typical Kayak

Breaking away from traditional kayak designs, the Sheer Water Skiff is purpose-built for the ultimate kayak fishing adventure. Engineered for stand-up sight casting, the hull guarantees a smooth ride while keeping you dry. Features like stepped double chines, a vertical bow, and flared gunnels ensure stability, making it ideal for kayak anglers targeting Snapper, Kahawai, Trevally, or Kingfish in inshore waters, as well as exploring lakes and rivers.

Versatility Beyond Kayak Fishing

The Sheer Water Skiff extends its appeal beyond kayak fishing, offering versatility for various water adventures. On fine days, it's ready to venture out to sea, providing a thrilling experience for those seeking a bit more excitement. Whether it's live bait fishing, cut bait fishing, lure fishing, or fly fishing, the Sheer Water Skiff accommodates diverse angling preferences. Additionally, it serves as a suitable vessel for diving and duck hunting, showcasing its adaptability for a range of water activities.

Lake fishing on Sheer Water Skiff fishing vessel

Equipped for Expansion

The Sheer Water Skiff is not just a fishing kayak; it's a platform for expanding your on-water experiences. Fitted with Railblaza Star Ports, it opens a world of possibilities for customization and additional accessories. From rod holders to camera mounts, the Sheer Water Skiff can be tailored to suit your individual preferences, ensuring you're fully equipped for any adventure.

View Sheer Water Skiff in shallow water area

Maximizing Your Fishing Time

Fitted with a 6hp 4 stroke outboard engine, the Sheer Water Skiff maximizes fishing time for kayak enthusiasts. Reaching speeds of up to 25kph, it ensures swift access to your favourite inshore fishing spots. Whether it's a quick post-work paddle or a weekend morning expedition, the Sheer Water Skiff empowers kayak anglers to make the most of their time on the water.


The Sheer Water Skiff stands as a beacon for New Zealand's kayak fishing community, offering unparalleled versatility and customization for water adventures. With its lightweight and sturdy design, this skiff invites kayak enthusiasts to redefine their fishing experiences, unlocking the hidden gems of New Zealand's unique waterways. As the Sheer Water Skiff sets a new standard for user-friendly fishing boats, it beckons kayak anglers to embrace innovation and embark on unforgettable journeys, expanding their horizons with Railblaza Star Ports for endless possibilities…or unforgettable journeys. Go on, expand your horizons with Sheer Water Skiff.
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