Tie FG Knots with Tool: Daiichiseiko Knot Assist 2.0

Tie FG Knots with Tool: Daiichiseiko Knot Assist 2.0


The FG knot is a top choice for anglers seeking a strong, smooth connection between braid and leader. It's ideal for topwater, slow jigging, and softbaiting. But, tying it by hand can be tricky – think finger strain, hygiene issues, and struggles in windy weather. Specialized FG knot tools change the game. They ease the process, protect fingers, boost hygiene, and help you tie a perfect knot every time. If you're serious about your fishing and want to ditch knot-tying frustrations, these tools are worth exploring.

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Introduce The Knot

The FG knot is a highly specialized fishing knot used to create a strong and streamlined connection between braided fishing line and fluorocarbon or monofilament leader (braid to mono line to line connection). Its superior strength and smooth profile make it an ideal choice for various fishing techniques, particularly those where casting distance and sensitivity are crucial, such as topwater fishing, shore jigging, slow pitch jigging, and softbaiting.

Background of FG Knot

The exact origin and meaning of "FG" in FG Knot is unclear. Some believe it stands for "Fine Grip" due to the knot's tight hold on the leader material. Regardless of its origin, the FG knot has become a popular choice among anglers for its numerous advantages.

Advantages of FG Knot

One of the key advantages of the FG knot is its exceptional strength of braid to mono knot, Knot Size to Knot Strength ratio. Tests have shown it can retain up to 95-98% of the line's original breaking strength, making it highly reliable for battling strong fish. Additionally, the FG knot boasts a slim profile that passes smoothly through rod guides, preventing line snags and enhancing casting performance. This combination of strength and finesse makes the FG knot a valuable asset for various fishing applications.

How to Tie FG Knot with Tools

While the FG knot is a valuable connections for anglers, the process of tying it by hand has some notable drawbacks:

  • Discomfort and Potential Injury: The repetitive motions of wrapping the braid tightly around the leader can put significant strain on your fingers. This can lead to pain, blisters, or even cuts, especially when using heavier lines.
  • Hygiene Concerns: To maintain the necessary tension during the final stages of the knot, many anglers resort to using their teeth to help cinch it down. This introduces less-than-hygienic practices into the fishing process.
  • Time-Consuming and Environmentally Dependent: Tying the FG knot effectively requires focus and precision. It can be a time-consuming process, especially for beginners. Windy conditions can further complicate the process, with loose lines easily getting tangled or blown out of position.
  • Long-lasting Investment: While purchasing an FG knot tool may require an upfront investment, it is built to last and can be used for countless fishing trips. This makes it a cost-effective solution in the long run, especially for anglers who frequently use the FG knot.

These factors highlight the potential benefits of using tools designed specifically for tying FG knots. These tools can reduce strain on fingers, improve hygiene, and potentially speed up the process while making it less dependent on ideal weather conditions.

Daiichiseiko Knot Assist 2.0

Detailed Diagram of Tying FG Knot with Daiichiseiko Knot Assist 2.0

How to tie FG knot with the knot assist 2.0 tool

(Copywrite: Daiichiseiko)

Daiichiseiko Knot Assist 2.0 English Manual Link

 A Perfection FG Knot Tips

  1. Use Vaseline or water to lubricant the lines before tying.
  2. Use the tightening tool to strength the knot after each steps in above procedure.
  3. Burn the trimmed leader to desire length and create a round knob finish.
  4. Alternate the half hitches' directions in "Step 4".

 FG knot with knot assist 2.0

FG knot showcase: less  than 1mm thick, about 10mm long

Braid: PE#06; Leader: FC 10lb


The FG knot is undoubtedly a powerful tool for any angler seeking a strong and streamlined connection between their braid and leader. However, the traditional method of tying by hand can present challenges related to discomfort, hygiene, and the potential for frustration in less-than-ideal conditions. Tools like the Daiichiseiko Knot Assist 2.0 offer a solution by streamlining the process, protecting fingers, and ensuring a consistent, high-quality knot each and every time. If you frequently use the FG knot and want to improve your experience, exploring knot-tying tools could be a worthwhile investment, allowing you to focus on catching fish rather than struggling with knots.

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