Ajing results: 3 Ajis at a night fishing session.

🔰Aji Angling: Get Jack Mackerel with Finesse

Ajing is a type of ultralight light game fishing that uses very light tackle and small jigs to catch the mackerel fish. It is a popular technique in Japan, and is becoming increasingly popular in New Zealand. 

Aji is the Japanese for jack mackerel or koheru in Maori.Ajing is a great way to catch fish when they are being picky, or when fishing in light currents.


The gear needed for ajing is relatively simple but unique to other types of fishing. You will need a light rod and reel, a jig head, and a small soft plastic bait. Here are some suggestions.

  • The rod should be between 5 and 7 feet long. Aji rod is designed for specific target, hence it is different to other light game fishing rod.
    • The reel should be light as possible, best to use spinning reel 1000  to 2000 sizes.
    • The jig head should be between 0.1g and 3g, and the soft plastic bait should be between 1 and 3 inches long.
    • Micro metal jig or hardbody lure is also good option. The most common weight to use are 1,2, or 3g.
      • The line should be the finesse braid rated at PE #0.1 - 0.6 max. Most ajing angler will tend to use lighter lines when up skills
      • Fish grab, UV torch, head lamp, light game tackle box, and light game landing net are also good for to enhance your productivity.

      Fish Arrow 1.5" Ajing Softbait

      Where and When

      Ajing can be used to fish in a variety of locations, including jetties, piers, and rock walls. It is also a good technique to use when fishing from a boat. Ajing can be used to catch fish year-round. Jetty with night light around will be a good start spot.

      The summer aji fish tends to have stripes on sides and the size is smaller. The autumn and winter aji can be over 30cm.

      Aji caught on fish arrow 1.5 inch soft bait


      To fish with ajing, simply cast your jig out and let it sink to the bottom. Then, slowly reel it in, jigging it up and down as you go. The jig should be moving erratically through the water, imitating a small baitfish.

      When a fish bites, you will feel a light tap on your line. Set the hook quickly and reel the fish in. Ajing can be a bit challenging at first, but with a little practice, you will be catching fish like a pro in no time.


      Here are a few tips for ajing:

      • Use light tackle. This will help you to feel the bite and set the hook properly.
      • Use micro jig heads. The weight should be between 0.1g and 3.0g.
      • For the weight of jig heads you are using, prepare different hook size to target different size ajis. 
      • Soft plastic baits can go large to 3 inch. The aji can grow more than 30cm. Start with 1.5 inch then adjust size down or up for the session.
      • When you fish a spot where are usually lots of spotties around, use the metal jig or hardbody lure to minimize the softbait damage.
      • Fish in the right places. Ajing is most effective in areas where there are small baitfish, such as jetties, piers, and rock walls.
      • Fish slowly and be patient. Ajing is a finesse technique, so it is important to fish slowly and carefully.


      Ajing is a great way to catch fish when they are being picky, or when fishing in light currents. It is a relatively simple technique to learn, and can be used to catch a variety of fish, including snapper, salmon, trevally and kingfish. If you are looking for a new and exciting way to fish, give ajing a try.

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